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DragRace Concepts AXIS 2.2/3.0" Belted Rear Drag Racing Tires (2) (30 Durometer)

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DragRace Concepts AXIS 2.2/3.0" Belted Rear Drag Racing Tires were developed for RC Drag Racing, by some of the fastest racers in the country. Starting with a specialized rubber compound, the AXIS 2.2/3.0 tires provide an unmatched blend of grip and durability.

The design of the tires start with a flat face shape that maximizes the contact patch with the track surface. This eliminates the need for "wide" wheels, stretching of tires, or other tricks required of other tire options. Special attention was paid to the thickness of the tire carcass to ensure tire stability at speed, while the molded in belt helps to prevent tire growth at speed. Plus, integrated outside wall ribbing can be removed as needed to customize the sidewall flex and tune the tire to your setup. A medium compound closed cell foam insert is included to provide effective support and stability to the tire. Package includes two tires and two foam inserts. 

  • Flat Face Shape Maximizes the Contact Patch
  • Tire Carcass offers Stability at Speed
  • Integrated Outside Wall Ribbing can be Removed to Customize Sidewall Flex
  • Special Rubber Formula - Choose from 20, 30 or 40 Durometer compounds
  • Molded in Belt Design
  • Medium Compound Closed Cell Foam Inserts Included
Width: 1.80" 
Height: 4.150" 

  • (2) Axis Belted Rear Tires
  • (2) Closed Cell Foam Inserts