Helios RC 6S Non-Slip Battery Strap Set (2)

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The Helios 6S Non-Slip Battery Strap Set is optimized for big bashers! When you're playing with the big boys, you need to make sure your batteries stay right where they're supposed to. These Non-Slip Battery straps for 6S includes one 265mm x 15mm strap and one 380mm x 20mm strap. Each strap has a non-slip coating to help keep your batteries securely in place. These are sized specifically to work in Arrma 1/8th scale vehicles like the Kraton, Outcast 6S, Notorious 6S, Mojave, Typhon 6S, as well as many other surface and air applications.  

NOTE: Measured from plastic loop to the beginning of the hook section of the strap.