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Hot Racing 1/10 Body Clip Retainers (Red) (4)

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This is an optional set of four Hot Racing 1/10 Red Body Clip Retainers, a smart and stylish way to improve the quality of your 1/10 scale body clips. These silicone rubber body clip retainers are flexible for longevity and durability, with a rubber grommet that can easily attach to the bodyshell. The large pull tab make removal easier than ever before. The clips themselves are red anodized for an added pop of color, or to fit a specific color scheme.


  • Silicone flexible rubber for durability
  • Rubber grommet for EZ attaches retainer to the bodyshell
  • Large pull tab allows easy body clip removal.
  • Supplied with Red medium size body clips
  • (4) HR Body Clip Retainers
  • (4) Medium size Body Clips
Note: Each clips will need a 3 to 3.5mm hole for EZ installation.