MadMax Complete Assembled Super Hogs Off Road tire/wheel set REAR size (186x83mm)

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Now available at DDM is the MadMax Super Hogs tire set. These are sold in PAIRS. This is the "REAR" Wide size. They are sold assembled as shown in the photos. The tires feature extra tall spiked knobs in alternating three and four spike rows. In between the spikes is a reinforcing rib that allows for extra durability and keeps the pins from folding over. The extra aggressive design is ideal for grass fields and sand. They also work well with extremely loose and loamy style dirt. Designed for use with high power applications these work great in electric brushless and gas models.

Complimenting the tires is a medium-soft precision injected foam insert. While the insert is lightweight to help improve acceleration and top speed the medium soft density helps maintain traction. Durable eight spoke nylon wheels feature a standard 24mm hex and alloy ring to strengthen the hub. Black bead lock rings keep the tires secured to the wheel.

Sold in pairs, rear assembled tire sets are available separately. If you want to add some style these are 100% compatible with the DDM Bite-Lock rings and can be seen in the related items below.