RPM X-Maxx Roof Skid Rails (Black)

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This is an optional set of RPM X-Maxx Roof Skid Rails, intended for use with the Traxxas X-Maxx kits. If you own an X-Maxx, there’s a good chance you’re going to wind up on your lid. The 19+ lbs. (8.6+ kgs.) of your car will rip through that thin lexan body in no time at all if you don’t find a way to protect it. 

RPM Roof Skid Rails are a simple add-on that bolts to the roof of your truck using 3 screws for each rail (2 rails sold per package - hardware included). Full-length under body support plates are included to prevent the rails from getting yanked off once you flip your monster X-Maxx. With RPM Roof Skid Rails in place, you now have an inexpensive buffer protecting the roof of your expensive body from damage, with proven RPM nylons absorbing the slide!

NOTE: RPM Roof Skid Rails are tested to work with Traxxas TRA7711, TRA7711A & TRA7717G, TRA7711R & TRA7711X bodies only. They have not been tested nor are they guaranteed to work with any other Traxxas or aftermarket bodies. 

  • Reduces roof damage from inverted slides
  • Protects the X-Maxx body
  • Under body support plates for added pull-through protection