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Tekno RC Aluminum Pivot Ball & Shock Multi-Tool

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This is the Tekno RC Aluminum Pivot Ball and Shock Multi-Tool. CNC crafted out of high grade aluminum block and anodized in the Tekno signature two tone black/grey finish, this tool will be the star of your pit tool arsenal. With it’s 10mm thick contact patch, it has the ability to hold 3mm – 4mm shock shafts with unmatched grip. There are also 12mm (shock bottom cap) and 17mm (shock bottom and top cap) hex holding areas that are very useful for shock rebuilds. In conjunction with the Tekno 17mm Wheel Wrench/Shock Cap Tool (TKR1116), these tools will provide you with the most effective shock building/rebuilding experience.

Popping pivot balls in and out of rod ends can be frustrating. Sure, there are other tools on the market that help with this, but only the Tekno RC pivot ball tool has dedicated pivot ball ‘IN’ and pivot ball ‘OUT’ facilities. The ‘OUT’ tool is angled to align with the direction of ejection minimizing ensuring the pivot ball doesn’t get scraped up during ejection. Meanwhile, the ‘IN’ side makes it a snap to pop those balls in without overshooting and causing damage to the rod end or pivot ball. This results in less stress on the rod end and pivot ball and keeps everything as tight as possible for as long as possible.  Give it a shot and you’ll agree this is the best tool for the job.

Finally, the two halves of the tool hinge on a specially designed assembly to prevent loosening or tightening of the handles. It incorporates an adjustable 3mm screw/lock nut design that once set, won’t allow the tension to change during use.


  • Precision CNC machined high quality aluminum
  • Best tool for shock building and pivot balls / rod ends
  • Two tone anodized finish
  • Laser etched size and tool indications
  • Comfortable and easy to use