Yokomo PANDEM GR Supra Drift Body Set (Clear)

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The Yokomo PANDEM GR Supra Drift Body Set faithfully replicates the aggressive silhouette of a modified GR Supra. By taking the incredibly refined GR Supra platform, and adding the PANDEM aero body kit, this body is a testament to Yokomo's desire to stay on the cutting edge of the drift market. Yokomo's original molding technology faithfully molds the PANDEM aero kit with the front grille, rear underskirt, and deep side constrictions in one single piece - making it easy to add a custom wide body look to your drift build. The attractive lines of the beautifully curved Supra, combined with the accurate addition of the PANDEM body kit gives this body a realistic finish that you wouldn't expect from a RC car body.

NOTE: Painted body shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only and is not included. The body you will receive is clear and unpainted.